Presentation:  Importance of Diagnosis and Early Treatment: Subclinical Disease, Imaging & Biomarkers
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1. The 2017 McDonald Criteria’s most substantial change is

a. Patients are no longer required to have a clinical event

b. CSF Oligoclonal bands can serve as a substitute for dissemination in time for certain CIS patients

c. Spinal cord lesions are required for dissemination in space

d. Both cortical and subcortical lesions are necessary to make MS diagnostic criteria

2. Which of the four following patient scenarios confers the most concerning prognosis:

a. 18 year old Caucasian woman with optic neuritis and 3 lesions meeting MS criteria, with positive oligoclonal bands

b. 27 year old Hispanic man with optic neuritis and 8 lesions meeting MS criteria who refuses a spinal tap

c. 38 year old Caucasian woman with sensory myelitis and 10 lesions with negative oligoclonal bands

d. 46 year old African American man with motor weakness in the leg, 4 spinal cord lesions and 10 brain lesions and positive oligoclonal bands